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margaret Profile

margaret Profile

MARGARET ROBB (Nee ANDERSON) – D.A. Edinburgh. (Dip. D&P)

Harrogate Art School 1957-59 (Intermediate Certificate)
Edinburgh College of Art 1959-61 (Diploma in Drawing and Painting)
Moray House College of Education 1965-66 (Teaching Diploma)

Full Member of Dumfries & Galloway Fine Arts Society 1989
Full Artist-Member of Paisley Art Institute 2003
Professional Member of Visual Arts Scotland 2004
Professional Artist-Member of Primera 2006

Themed Exhibitions - Portraits:-

“His & Hers” (with Husband), Gracefield Nov 2001 & The Robert Burns Centre, Dumfries, Dec 2001
“Face to Face” (8 invited artists), Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries 2003
“Face to Face” (7 invited artists), Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries 2005
“Face to Face” (6 invited artists), Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries 2007

Work in themed selected Open Exhibitions:-

The Laing Landscape Competition 1990
“Mental Image”, Project-Ability, Trongate Studios, Glasgow 2007

Work in other selected Open Exhibitions:-                       Work in other mixed shows:-
Royal Glasgow Institute 1987 & 2007                              Gatehouse Gallery, Glasgow
Scottish Society of Women Artists 1990                          Torrance Gallery, Edinburgh
Visual Arts Scotland 2002 & 2007                                    Dundas Gallery, Edinburgh            
Paisley Art Institute ‘03, ‘06 & ‘07                                    Broughton Gallery, Broughton
Paisley Drawing Competition 2005 & 2007                     Ottersburns Gallery, Dumfries
D.A.G.F.A.S. regularly since 1987                                      High Street Gallery, Kirkcudbright
Primera 2005, ‘06 & ’07                                                      2-person show, Chambers Gallery, Moffat, ’03
North Ayrshire Open Art Exhibition 2007                        3 Graduates E.C.A., Harbour Gallery, Kirkcudbright ’03
Spring Fling “Taster” Shows, Gracefield                           Art De Caf, Glasgow ’06
Arts Centre, Dumfries ‘03-’07                                             Drumlanrig Castle Stableyard Exhibitions ’05, ’06 & ’07

Work also in unselected mixed exhibitions including:-
Kaleidoscope “Echoes Art”, Dumfries 2002
Moniaive & District Arts Association ’05, ’06, &’07
Scottish Arts Club 2005
ESSA Auctions at Bonhams, Edinburgh ’05 & ’07.

Full-time visiting art specialist in primary schools 1966-96
Former member of both the D&G. Visual Arts Steering Group ’02-’07 and the “Spring Fling”
Steering Group ’03-’07
Former selected participant in the annual,3-day Dumfries & Galloway “Spring Fling” Open Studio Event
for the past 5 years ’03-’07.


I have been concentrating on portraiture for the past 7 years, mainly using oils, pastels, gouache or charcoal
and other dry media and making life-size (or even larger) paintings and drawings of people only by direct observation during actual settings, literally “face to face”. I feel this way of working works best for me personally.




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